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"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are built for." - John Shedd

Current Projects

Cirion Consulting

An Independent GiANT Agency focused on unlocking the potential of leaders.

Cirion Capital

Private fund focused on digital assets and web3 projects.

Our Team

Cirion started in 2011 with the goal of helping others overcome the obstacles that were holding them back from building a successful business and a living a fruitful and fulfilling life. In 2013, we partnered with GiANT Worldwide to expand our vision to unlock the potential of people in every major sector and city in the world. In 2020, we started a private investment fund focused on digital assets and blockchain technology.

Rich Webb, Partner

London, UK

Austin Hodge, Partner

Atlanta, US

Justin Westbrooks, Partner

Atlanta, US

Hunter Hodge, Partner

Atlanta, US