Big News: The Next Step

In May, 2011, we set out on a journey.

Much like the tales we’ve all read or watched on the big screen, we were looking for excitement and adventure, and we just didn’t believe we could find that in the typical career path staring us in the face upon graduation. We came together, we formed an alliance and we set out.

To speak “Hobbit” language, this has been very much an unexpected journey. Stepping out into the unknown (especially right after college) requires…a lot of things. You can say it requires faith, courage, trust, vision, passion, enthusiasm, ambition, or perhaps just pure insanity. All that we knew was that 20 years of our lives had already passed. Even if we beat the odds and live to be 80 years old, we were a quarter of the way through life. Things were only going to speed up, get more complex, and soon we’d be sitting at 50 saying “what happened?”

Life is short. Leave it all out on the field.


There have been many times when we’ve said to one another, “imagine if we would have never started this journey?” Imagine if we would have never met Andrew Baker and the amazing students and staff at Harding University. Imagine if we would have never met Mike Lewis, the JesusPainter, and became his agent. Imagine if we would have missed out on cold-calling 4,000 CEOs in the Atlanta area (something that will put hair on anyone’s chest). Imagine if we would have never been forced to learn how to build websites, design in Photoshop, and write 120 page organizational analyses. Imagine never stepping out of our comfort zone to create a software product. Imagine missing out on all the road trips to St. Louis, Cincinnati, Daytona Beach, Chicago, Arkansas, Nashville, North Georgia mountains, and San Antonio.

Over the course of three years, everything we’ve experienced has prepared us for the new mountain that stands before us. One that cannot be conquered without a living and breathing set of values refined by the fires of life, relationship, and work.

Without the crucibles we’ve endured, the friends we’ve made, the mentors we’ve met, and the purpose we’ve found, we would not be where we are today. We would not be ready to take another GiANT leap of faith as we stand at the precipice of an opportunity we never would have hoped for when planning our dreams for the adventure that began with Cirion.

At the Table with GiANTS

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
- Isaac Newton

Never before has this statement resonated so true within us. Except, in this case it is not the shoulders of the giants upon which we stand, but a table of GiANTs at which we have been invited to sit. We’ve been invited to watch, to listen, to learn and imitate. We’ve been invited to apprentice under the leadership of two men who are truly leaders worth following, and to partner with them in building a company that has one heroic goal:

To change the leadership culture of the world.

We invite all of you to join us along the journey as we continue to grow as men and as leaders. You can find our company’s website here, and we will be blogging at GiANT’s Blog. The @CirionGroup Twitter handle has now become @GiANTWorldwide – so if you are wondering, “Who in the world am I following”, please know that it is still us, but we’ve grown. We’re thankful for all of you and cannot wait to see what the next leg of this journey holds.

P.S.: We have a big list of core values that we made, you should check those out too!

Building leaders worth following with GiANT Worldwide.